Primary LPG Storage Solutions

While storing LPG, safety and security has to be given much importance.
Storing of LPG is not an issue and there are various solutions available in the market. Usually LPG is transported in tankers to the filling stations. In the refilling stations LPG is transferred to cylinders of different sizes. It will be stored in cylinders which meet all the safety measured prescribed by law.

LPG is also stored at client premises wherever there is a huge installation such as industries. In the industrial sector the refilling is done at client place itself. Mobile tankers are used to transport LPG from terminal or filling stations. This is very much helpful to the industries and ensures there is no break of production for refilling.

The primary installation consists of the entire LPG storage system and consists of Liquid Off-Take (LOT) cylinder manifold which Includes LPG adapters & pipes, pipe fittings, valves, thermal relief, slam shut off valve, strainers, non-return valves, pressure gauges, fire buckets, stand, fire extinguishers, vaporizer, instrumentation, electrical panel and high pressure regulating station

Super Gas provides all the guidance and support in the construction of LPG storage facilities. We ensure that all the safety measures are placed in order as per the requirements by law. We also help industries to Build – Own – Maintain (B.O.M) projects. These projects will be guided by well experienced and experts from the industry.