Heaterless Vaporizer

The liquid LPG is passed through a coil immersed into hot water bath in conventional electrical vaporizers a temperature of 60 deg C and above is maintained and electrical heaters are used to heat the water. Heat is absorbed by the liquid LPG from the surrounding hot water and it gets converted into LPG vapour. The Heaterless Vaporizer works on the principle of thermodynamics in which the system is designed to reduce the pressure and temperature of liquid LPG. Heaterless vaporizers are cost effective, safe and require low maintenance which delivers maximum efficiency.

Gastech Corporation which is an associate partner of Super Gas has pioneered this product. A special heat exchanger creates enough temperature to vaporize the LPG and bring it out for burning. The heat exchanger provides the heat through a circulating water flow from a closed tank. This makes the LPG to get converted to vapor in a continuous flow rate with requisite pressure. Due to the full utilization of LPG and the savings due to no use of any other medium in generating heat makes Heaterless Vaporizer more popular.