Aerosol Grade LPG

SUPERGAS’ High quality aerosol grade LPG is one of the most preferred propellants for Deosprays, Air-freshners, Silicon Spray, Pesticides and Pharma Sprays.

Our hydrocarbon-based propellant comprises of a high-purity mixture of Propane, Isobutane and n-Butane. Free of Ozone depleting substances, it is a trusted and environmentally safe alternative. With state-of-art facilities, technical expertise, industry experience and understanding of the various processes, we meet the technical specifications for all your Aerosol grade LPG requirements, whether small or large.

Our Customized Aerosol Grade LPG

We ensure that our Aerosol grade LPG is customized to meet your varying technical specifications and needs.

Product Range of Propane Content Range of Gauge Pressure at 25 deg C ,PSI Mercaptan
  Low High Low High  
Deodorant, Silicon (Insecticide, Room Freshener) and Pharmaceutical Spray 10 45 35 72 Customized

Our Offerings:

  • 33 Kg SUPER LOT (Liquid Off Take) Cylinders: SUPERGAS introduced India’s First ever Aerosol Grade LPG in the form of 33 kg SUPER LOT cylinder. It is an effective and safer option over the conventional Vapour Off Take (VOT) cylinders. What’s more, SUPERGAS LOT cylinders can be installed in compact configurations based on your requirement.
  • Bulk Storage Solutions: Designed and customized to meet high volume needs, our bulk LPG storage system offers the convenience of easy filling at the location with the help of mobile LPG tankers. We ensure safe and reliable bulk installation, continuous technical support and service along with prompt delivery.

Benefits of SUPERGAS – Aerosol Grade LPG

  • Product customized as per your requirement
  • Assured quality and quantity with stringent quality checks, absence of heavy ends and concentrates
  • Assured product and pressure consistency
  • Dedicated Infrastructure and Supply Chain management for hassle-free delivery at your unit
  • Global technical expertise and assistance for advanced system design and engineering of LPG installations
  • Only LPG company to offer Safe Liquid Off Take (LOT) Cylinders approved by PESO
  • Safe and hassle free installation on Build-Own-Maintain basis along with prompt service
  • Value added training on operation and safety

You can always depend on us for consistent and hassle-free supply of quality LPG as per your specifications. Speak to our executive to know more about how we could help your business.

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