Applications of SUPERGAS LPG

SUPERGAS meets your commercial LPG requirements not only for cooking but also many other applications.

Due to its energy efficiency, LPG is an ideal fuel for various commercial establishments like hotels, restaurants, caterers, resorts, clubs, cafes, canteens and sweet shops.

By replacing/and or switchingto SUPERGAS LPG, your commercial establishment can reap the benefits of this reliable, controllable, cost effective and clean burning fuel.


Different types of cooking activities such as boiling, stewing, frying, grilling, toasting, broiling, roasting and baking are performed with ease when it is fuelled by SUPERGAS. LPG does not emit soot when burnt thereby retaining the essence of the flavours.

Water Heating

Hotels and Inns need to provide hot water for bathrooms, spas and swimming pools for comfort of their guests. SUPERGAS has been proved to be a cost effective and clean pollution free alternative to liquid fuels in hot water generators.


Steam and hot water is required for laundry services in hotels and hospitals. SUPERGAS LPG can provide energy to these backend activities day in and day out.

Air Conditioning

Surprisingly, a heating fuel like SUPERGAS is used in vapour absorption chillers (in a/c’s) to save on huge electricity costs required for running traditional air conditioners.


Hospitals and Laboratories generate hazardous bio-medical waste, which needs to be incinerated for safe disposal. SUPERGAS is used in incinerators to provide high temperature for complete burning of the bio-medical waste without any harmful emissions.

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