Project Services

Project Services is a complete range of efficient and cost effective LPG energy solutions from SHV India to its customers and was started with a vision towards making LPG installations more effective, safe and with optimal design. It is from our extensive knowledge in areas such as planning, procurement and project management, that Project Services takes a unique approach to LPG installations for each customer. All the services are designed to meet individual customer requirements.

The Project Service offerings include Primary and Secondary LPG Installations.

i. Primary LPG installations:

The primary installation consists of the entire LPG storage system and consists of Liquid Off-Take (LOT) cylinder manifold which Includes LPG adapters & pipes, pipe fittings, valves, thermal relief, slam shut off valve, strainers, non-return valves, pressure gauges, fire buckets, stand, fire extinguishers, vaporizer, instrumentation, electrical panel and high pressure regulating station.

ii.Secondary LPG installations:

The secondary system consists of equipment other than the manifold system which is installed outside the shed and the yard. It includes pipes, pipe fittings & valves, secondary pressure regulating station, pressure gauges, hoses to burner, supports, filters, safety shut off devices and other desired fittings to give continuous LPG supply for the production.