Energy Solutions

Flue Gas Analysis

Flue gas analysis by SUPERGAS gives the data you need to ensure your combustion system is operating in the most efficient manner possible and to keep emissions down to a minimum. Our trained service personnel will perform the analysis (with zero downtime) which will thus enable you to optimize your combustion systems setting.

Heaterless Vaporizer

In conventional electrical vaporizers the liquid LPG is passed through a coil immersed into a hot water bath maintained at a temperature of 60 deg C and above, where in electrical heaters are used to heat the water. Heat is absorbed by the liquid LPG from the surrounding hot water and it gets converted into LPG vapour. The Heaterless Vaporizer works on the principle of thermodynamics – where the system is designed to reduce the pressure and temperature of liquid LPG. Heaterless vaporizers are cost effective, safe and require low maintenance which delivers maximum efficiency.