Conversion Assistance

SUPER Gas helps you to convert other conventional fuels to LPG. Our team of experts with vast LPG experience will facilitate the process of conversion and provide an Efficient Energy Solution. We would be happy to assist you in choosing the right combustion system, appropriate controls and equipment, as the case may be. We are extremely conscious of safety of both our and our customer's personnel and other assets. Our advice on conversion assistance therefore meets minimum safety standards.

System Design & Engineering:

SUPER Gas designs suitable LPG storage systems considering safety and good engineering practices to meet your energy needs. The system design and engineering is carried in accordance with appropriate rules and standards. Our technical experts utilize more than 20 years of expertise and experience across continents in LPG system design.

LPG Storage System on Build-Own-Maintain (B.O.M) Basis:

SUPER Gas provides the LPG storage system on Build-Own-Maintain (B.O.M) basis. Investment in the appropriate LPG storage system is made based on the customer's LPG requirement. Maintenance of Storage System: SUPER Gas directly and/or through its representatives undertake both preventive & breakdown maintenance of the LPG storage system in accordance with the applicable rules & standards and best industry practices. Maintenance activity is also carried out in the unlikely event of malfunctioning or breakdown of equipment provided by SUPER Gas in B.O.M basis.


SUPER Gas provides training to customer's personnel on safety, operation and maintenance of the LPG storage system. Such training is imparted both on site and class room for the customer and its nominees.

LPG up to Point of Consumption:

SUPER Gas also undertakes complete LPG pipeline contracts on turnkey basis from the storage or safety area up to the combustion system installed on each equipment. The scope of work includes the complete design, engineering, procurement, erection and testing of the LPG pipelines.