Our motto for sustainability: Better – Cleaner – Together

SUPERGAS enables lower-carbon solutions and efficient energy usage for Industries, Business and Home. As India’s energy needs are increasing exponentially, we are seeking newer ways to help our customers make cleaner energy choices.

For us, sustainability is about how we live our lives and run our business. Sustainability is part of our overall business strategy and much of our future plans are aligned with it. Our robust sustainability programme includes prioritising initiatives, defining milestones, setting measurable targets and realising them.

Through our Sustainability Initiatives we aim for:

  • Making a difference as an LPG company
  • Growing our business to add value for our people, customers and our planet
  • Adopt sustainable behaviour and help others to emulate

Our products are clean, safe and consume less power leading to optimal usage of resources, meaning higher savings for the customers. We also make use of the latest technologies to optimize our supply logistic of LPG - both procurement and delivery – thus ensuring low energy usage and carbon footprint.

We are committed to reducing energy usage, associated carbon emissions and costs across all our Offices, Filling Plants and Terminals. We continuously identify and implement enabling technologies, embrace new business practices and educate our employees to adapt towards making our mother Earth cleaner.

Our greenbelt development activities around the Filling Plants aim to improve the environmental conditions of the area we operate in. Some of the key objectives include enhancing green cover and creating aesthetic value by way of structured landscaping.

By regularly distributing saplings, conducting awareness programs at schools, going ‘green’ at office and home and more importantly, by selling LPG - the green fuel, we lead and practice by example.

Our Sustainability platform of Better-Cleaner-Together works on the guiding principle of a better process and performance leading to a cleaner planet , by doing things together. We exhibit in our various actions the spirit of the old Kenyan proverb "Treat the Earth well. It is not inherited from your parents; it is borrowed from your children".